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Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, you can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to insulation. Quality insulation will help to keep your home or business comfortable all year round, while minimising power consumption and reducing your utility bills. If you’re looking for reliable insulation installers in Geelong, then contact the team at Affordable Insulation today.

We take great pride in our customer service, offering free quotes and upfront pricing on all jobs and ensuring minimal wait times for bookings. We carry out thorough studies of the energy report and working drawings before issuing a quote.

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We have a team of highly skilled and fully qualified installers and tradespeople ready to handle all your insulation installation and removal work. We deliver premium workmanship on every project and ensure that all work and material meet NCC standards, ensuring all products achieve the stated thermal resistance in accordance with AS/NZS 4859.1.

As experienced insulation contractors, we provide a full range of residential and commercial services for new builds and existing properties. Our services include:

We can supply and install a wide range of premium quality glass wool, rock wool and polyester solutions from the biggest names in Australian home insulation including Knauf, CSR Bradford, Pink Batts and more.

We can handle residential or commercial projects of any size or scope. As trusted suppliers, we work with all the best products and brands and can provide expert advice to ensure you get the right insulation at the cheapest prices in Geelong.


If you need insulation services for a commercial property, we can help. We offer a full range of commercial insulation services for businesses throughout Geelong and the surrounding areas. From roof and ceiling insulation, to acoustic insulation or fireseal, we provide complete servicing and work efficiently and effectively to minimise disruption to your business.


If you need insulation removal in Geelong, give us a call. Over time, old insulation can start to break down and lose its effectiveness. It can also become home to a range of contaminants like moisture, mould, insects and rodents, and become a potential health risk. Old insulation may also not meet the latest building codes and energy rating requirements.

At Affordable Insulation, we can safely and effectively remove any and all old insulation with professional vacuuming, including old batts, blow-in, loose fill or any other type of insulation.