Wall Insulation In Melbourne

At Affordable Insulation, we understand that how important it is for Australian homes to meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia. Moreover, it can be an easy and straightforward task if you choose the right insulation contractors. You must know that our team of insulation specialists are using the high-quality products, to make it more effective.

Wall insulation is a method in which we install insulation in the external walls of your house without making any disruptions in the design of your home. There are different types of wall insulation and depending on the material of your wall; we choose the one that best suits your wall type and home.

Wall Insulation Melbourne

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How Does Wall Insulation Work?

35% of the heating in your house is lost through the walls. This is precisely the reason why you feel cold in the house and feel the need to sit next to the fireplace or use some electric heating. Therefore, our wall insulation experts can do wonders in keeping your home warm and cozy. Wall insulation in Melbourne can be installed in the following easy steps:

  • Experts assess and measure the cavity in the walls.
  • A strict drilling pattern is laid down by an Agreement Board, and the insulation technicians need to follow it to ensure that the cavity is filled properly.
  • Furthermore, Graphite 27 Plus Silver Beading is then injected in the wall cavity through compressed air.
  • Our experts specialize in drilling and adding a coat of adhesive material which ensures that your wall insulation works perfectly and guarantees an energy efficient home.
  • Lastly, all the penetrated holes are then filled with mortar according to the material of the wall.

Benefits of Wall Insulation

Some benefits of wall insulation are stated below:

  • It has a guarantee of a lifetime.
  • Heat retention is increased.
  • Wall space condensation is eliminated.
  • Heating cost can be reduced up to 40%.
  • Building costs are reduced.
  • Your home becomes energy efficient.

With these benefits and many more, our specialists will help in installing the wall insulation for your home and in the right manner by making your apartment cozier without spending a fortune on electricity bills. What’s more, you even make your contribution to saving the environment!

Why Choose Affordable Insulation for Wall Insulation?

Affordable Insulations are experts in wall insulation in Melbourne and have a pool of professionals who specialize in each step of the process. We are a credible name in the market, so you can rest assured that the best quality products will be used to get your walls appropriately insulated. We offer personalized services according to the needs of our new homeowners as well as owners of existing houses.

If you have been dreaming about owning an energy efficient house with all the trimmings, Affordable Insulations could be your ticket to doing just that! Get in touch with us to know more about our services today!

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